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    Looking for a way to streamline your door scheduling process, reduce errors and automate the process of manufacturing top-quality, bespoke pre hung doors – with total ease?

    At RapidSpec, we understand the importance of getting the scheduling right for pre-hung doors. We work with many door manufacturers who manufacture and supply pre-hung door sets and fire doors. Our clever innovative scheduling software enables our customers to streamline the door scheduling process for their doors and create fast accurate quotations!

    Why are door manufacturers, architects, designers and fabricators are turning to Rapid-Spec? It’s because it is an automated software programme with a guaranteed ROI of 3 to 10 times your outlay, plus no installation costs, no long-term contractual commitment, only an affordable monthly license cost.

    Introducing RapidSpec

    RapidSpec offers a powerful, highly intuitive software programme that has been designed to streamline and automate door scheduling with ease. It generates accurate work schedules in a single click, streamlining and automating the entire spec and design process from beginning to end.

    RapidSpec takes your inputted dimensions and specific selections and automatically creates drawings, with fully costed bills of materials. Calculations and budgets are optimized and automated at the click of a button. This does two things simultaneously: 1: It eliminates errors. 2: It saves valuable time, allowing your estimators to carry on selling instead of administering.
    Without RapidSpec, and depending on the complexity of a quotation, an order for $100k of pre-hung doors can take between 3 days and a week to create bills of materials and shop floor documentation. RapidSpec does this work automatically, without error, literally in seconds. As well as the considerable saving in administration costs and the speed at which it’s completed, you can shave several days from your delivery date estimates.

    What’s more, all door specifications and work orders are centrally stored on the system, meaning that anyone, with access to the RapidSpec system, can help any customer immediately. This gives your customers a fabulous service and with this level of efficiency make you stand out from the rest.

    RapidSpec is already a leading software tool for fire door and pre hung door manufacturers. It gives you full control over your projects, with everything at your fingertips, for smooth, error-free and completely efficient door manufacturing.

    With 20 years of development behind it, RapidSpec is a powerful yet simple and easy to use product. For all of our customers RapidSpec has had a major impact on their company’s productivity and profitability.
    There are no financial risks for your business. If it doesn’t work you don’t pay