This clever tool allows you to measure your current productivity levels & see exactly what little improvements in productivity have on your Net Profit. It’s Brilliant!

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    RapidSpec prices the job as you go!

    Alongside creating comprehensive quotation documents, RapidSpec adds the cost and selling price to every item that you select, meaning you can easily keep track of profitability and budget management as you go along. This includes supplying, machining and/or fitting ironmongery, hinges, locks, glass and beading, frames and architraves, kick plates, push plates and much more.

    You can always be assured that costs are covered, selling prices are correct and calculations are accurate without the risk of human error with a bill of materials automatically created. There is also the function to add or subtract an overall markup to each door set, meaning you have the option of pricing rigidity or flexibility depending on your unique needs. Keeping track of scalability has never been easier than with RapidSpec.

    As well as all of this, RapidSpec is always creating scaled, detailed, and dimensioned drawings for your quotations and your shop floor if necessary. So, planning becomes easier and streamlined and productivity is championed with limited downtime on fixing mistakes or manually making calculations. This results in huge savings for your business as a whole with increased turnarounds on fire door manufacturing and reduced waste by helping you place orders for the exact materials you need rather than buying in excess.

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    RapidSpec is easy to use

    Integrating RapidSpec for fire door manufacturers is easy with a highly user-friendly interface that only requires 1-2 hours of operator training. The best part is that free training is provided with all new purchases of RapidFire software, meaning your business can get operations started as soon as possible with more accurate doorset documents than ever before, with little margin for error and faster turnaround times.

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