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    RapidSpec is an innovative door manufacturing software suite designed to take human error out of door manufacturing. This incredible system performs hundreds of automated tasks and processes to ensure every door is cut and fit to size. It works on all types of doors, so it can take things like panel glass or other accentuations into account, such as setting up doors that are fully compliant with selected fire ratings.

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    RapidSpec is designed to harness the existing skills and experience of your estimators to create accurate quotations in an instant. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use, with most users only needing around an hour of training before they can use it. Thanks to its intelligent design and logical input of data, RapidSpec leaves nothing out of the equation and everything is checked and verified. Using this data, RapidSpec automatically creates a fully scaled, detailed and dimensionally functional door set drawing. It’s that easy!

    What’s more, as it automatically captures all of the data, RapidSpec can instantly create things like cutting lists or bills of materials with no issues and free from error. When implemented, the RapidSpec system can shave anywhere from 20 % to 30 % of the time from your estimator’s duties, giving them more freedom to work on things like sales or pricing.

    Who uses RapidSpec

    RapidSpec has been designed to help manufacturers and fabricators who work with custom or standard, interior or exterior door sets. It’s a truly revolutionary piece of door manufacturing software that helps bring automation into your workflow by creating door schedule documents with detailed scaled dimensional drawings. Fabricators can then use these resources to manufacture and assemble the completed door to exact measurements, every time.

    The benefits of using RapidSpec


    It’s cost effective

    Setting up RapidSpec for your workflow is a great way to save you time and money. It’s easy to set up and use, with no need to bring in a specialist for training. You can even use existing door designs and modify them to suit your needs – or create copies to save time making new designs.


    It removes human error

    Using RapidSpec means fabricators can complete doors using exact specifications that are accurate every time. This significantly reduces any human errors, which means less wasted material during manufacturing.


    It’s simple to use

    One of the best things about RapidSpec is how easy it is to set up and implement into your existing workflow. You don’t need to know how to use CAD software like other door scheduling applications – it’s built with ease of use as a priority. If you do have any problems though, we provide free training on all of our software suites to ensure you get the most out of RapidSpec.