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    Door schedules are critical where fire rated doors are concerned. As vital pieces of safety equipment, fire rated doors need to be designed and manufactured according to the right specifications to guarantee a high fire rating. Correctly manufactured fire rated doors help prevent the spread of fire and can save lives.

    Door scheduling is an essential process that ensures you have the necessary information for door installations – such as the dimensions and type. For more information, enquire with RapidSpec today.

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    Door design software tool experts can rely on

    Whether you’re a manufacturer, architect, fabricator, or door designer, RapidSpec can help you improve your door scheduling processes. RapidSpec is a door design software that allows professionals to create detailed fire door schedules accurately and efficiently.

    The easy-to-use interface automatically transforms your standard specification sheets into drawings so you can visualise projects and provide more detailed specification materials. The software prompts design professionals to input fire door dimensions and asks them simple multiple-choice questions to guarantee accurate diagrams.

    There are several other software features manufacturers can benefit from with RapidSpec, including bill of materials and project estimates. These tools help speed up planning processes and allow for quicker project completions.

    If you’re interested in RapidSpec for your design business, contact us today.

    Why choose RapidSpec?

    There are several reasons why you should consider RapidSpec when it comes to fire door schedules. Some of these reasons include:


    Quick design production:

    RapidSpec automatically produces fire door schedules from predefined specification sheets. This process takes seconds or minutes to complete, allowing operators to streamline their production processes and reduce reliance on human personnel.


    Cost savings:

    Since RapidSpec guarantees scheduling accuracy, manufacturers can avoid costly amendments and compensation fees. This leads to cost savings for design professionals which they can funnel back into the business.


    Easy to use:

    Minimal operator training is required to produce accurate documents on RapidSpec. Its easy-to-use interface requires only one to two hours of training which comes free of charge with all new RapidSpec purchases.

    Reduced fabrication errors Using the wrong materials when creating fire rated doors can compromise safety and cost lives. RapidSpec produces accurate design documents based on inputted dimensions, allowing fabricators to create doors to the right specification.

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    If you’re interested in boosting your manufacturing operations and door scheduling processes, choose RapidSpec. Enquire with us today for more information about the software and how it can facilitate your business.

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